About Maarten de Jeu

An experienced international strategy advisor and corporate development specialist, Maarten de Jeu has led successful growth initiatives for several international companies in Europe and the United States. Educated in the Netherlands and United Kingdom, Mr. de Jeu completed his M.A. in Social Science with a major in Public Administration at Leiden University in 2001, and continued his education at the Said Business School of the University of Oxford. Maarten de Jeu completed his Executive MBA at Oxford in 2005, graduating at the top of his class with a number of specializations in finance under his belt.

From 1999 to 2007, Maarten de Jeu gained experience in international corporate strategy at TVDK Management Consultants, an Amsterdam-based company specializing in (international) strategy. Beginning as an analyst, Mr. de Jeu was quickly promoted through more senior positions until he became a Senior Associate.

Maarten de Jeu went on to work for insurance firm Aviva plc in London, where he developed a number of initiatives and strategies for company growth in Europe and Asia. In 2008, Mr. de Jeu was re-recruited as Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Aviva’s North American division in Chicago, Illinois, where he currently works. Maarten de Jeu is responsible for business portfolio reviews, strategic planning, assessment of new business opportunities and M&A support. Mr. de Jeu has successfully led the company’s strategy effort to grow life insurance sales in the United States.

Maarten de Jeu is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and is proficient in English, Dutch, German, and French.

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